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Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Have you ever had a photo go worldwide viral overnight......without even a website or Instagram page to validate that you are indeed a legitimate photographer? No? Just me?

"Viral fame" was such a strange but fun thing that happened in 2019, and obviously it lasted just a hot second and was so short lived. It was rather embarrassing though as journalists, news anchors, publishers of People Magazine and even the producers of the Kelly Clarkson show asked for my website and Instagram handle to give me photo credit and I couldn't give them either. I felt like a un-official. I had spent years mastering photography and my skills with clients, but business was not my forte. This was a swift kick in the pants to get my business booty in gear!

"But Rachel, that was 18 months ago.....what took so long?"

Well shortly after the desire hit to get my business on a different leg, I encountered a horrific car accident, intense surgery, intensive-care health issues, and then to top off the year I had massive brain surgery! My world was spinning out of control, but my clients were all so kind and patient!

THEN in 2020, just as I was ready to kick it into gear, COVID brought a halt to my business as the country shut down and social distancing became a norm, which made the year less than motivating, and brought its own set of continuing health challenges! So I pushed along as I normally had, but quickly realized that by the end of 2020, I had served more clients and photographed more people in one season than I ever had before! What a blessing in such an unfortunate year.

SO......2021 has come in dancing and I am very excited for the future! I have received further education, upgraded all my photography gear, worked on this website and after receiving LOTS of feedback......... I am so elated and excited to have an official space to show off the beautiful clients I have the privilege of working with!

I would love to add you to my list this year! Want to adventure with me??


Here are the images that set this all in motion. My sweet son with his Great-Grandpa in an "UP" themed photo session.

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