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Q: Do you photograph weddings?

A: Unfortunately I do not. I LOVE attending weddings, but not photographing them. I believe you should have a photographer who enjoys all the details of your special day! I am willing to do engagement or anniversary sessions, but often times these sessions will be included with your wedding photographer.

Q: What time of day do you photograph family sessions? My child has a sleep schedule and I want to make sure they are happy.....

A: Outdoor family sessions are best shot in the 1-2hrs before sunset. This means in the winter, the time is mid afternoon, and in the summer it's later in the evening! I know that sometimes this can interfere with kiddos and nap/bedtimes, but if you can make it work, this time frame is when I can best guarantee beautiful and consistent results! I am great with kids and will work my magic to keep them happy!

Q:Is my down payment refundable?

A: Your down payment is good towards the full cost of your session!